• Julie Kramer

STEAM. Teach. Mom.

Like any working parent I am finding it very hard these days to work, teach my kids, cook and clean properly and do some self-care (like showering and sitting up straight). But I can STEAM up any classroom lesson. So I decided to give some parents out there some STEAMy ways to occupy the kids to give you a few minutes to breathe.

Today let's focus on creativity. Too many schools are focused on getting the round peg of our creative kids shoved into a square hole. So I say, let them be creative. One of my tutoring students had the math homework to write and represent two addition problems. He was not interested. So instead we pulled out some shells and stuck them into the dirt. Mud. It has been raining.... and voila! A chance to discuss the art and come up with two math problems.

How many shells are petals? And How many shells are there in all?

Sometimes, all we need is a fresh perspective and a little bit of time with our hands in the dirt.

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