• Julie Kramer

Be Creative Everywhere!

How to get your kids reading anywhere.

Reluctant Readers

A huge trigger for many struggling readers is a teacher or parent constantly asking them to try to read. The homework sent home is not fun reading. But kids can be encouraged to read anything. Read a street sign. Look for a certain type of store or restaurant on a drive. Read a text message from a friend.

Ear Reading while Gaming or Exercising

Did you know that you read with your ears, too? It is true. My kids take in a ton of information with their ears. But they don't retain what they don't use. If your kids shows an interest in horses, let them watch a show on horses, and then ask questions. Not questions like was it a good show? Did you like it? Wasn't that brown horse pretty? Ask questions like, what kind of horse was the big one? Did they say what the history of those horses was? Did you learn anything about the horse anatomy?

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