OG Based Tutoring


Small Group Tutoring

Yes, we can.

Many people will tell you that OG tutoring can't be done with a small group. But that is simply not true. With a small group, we can begin and do all 3 (Decoding, Encoding, and comprehension) parts of the lesson together while each child also gets to practice reading aloud with the tutor. 

In order to best support families during COVID-19, Sprouting Scientists is offering two tutoring options:

  1. Online 

  2. In-Person Small group

For all students receiving tutoring at Sprouting Scientists, the following safety measures have been implemented:

  • Students sanitize their hands upon arrival

  • Staff wear masks at all times

  • It is highly recommended that students also wear masks

Find out how we can work with your family or school, give us a call:


Interested in setting up a small tutoring group of your own?


If you think your family may be interested in joining an in-person small group tutoring, there are a few things to consider first.

  1. Think about who you choose to approach: Who you choose to set up these groups with is essential to the safety of everyone involved. To minimize your risk of catching and spreading COVID-19, you’ll want to find a family that is being as careful as yours. That means a family who is spending more time at home, limiting their social contact, and wearing protective face coverings when they go out in public.

  2. Consider a family that is similar in educational level. That may be the same grades, or on the same reading level. 

  3. Keep it small: When it comes to socially distanced group tutoring, the smaller the group the better. Aim for two to three families with 2-3 children involved. 

  4. Finally, settle on your educator. Whether you’ll be using a teacher from your community or neighborhood or working with an outside source, which can provide back-ups, insurance, and other considerations.

Sprouting Scientists has a wide variety of tutors and educators available for all subjects and all levels of learning.